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Some MP3 music for your listening pleasure. Download, distribute, and broacast freely. Free distribution allowed for non-commercial purposes.

Cops Suck (3:49)
Inspired by Joe Quitter of the Roselle Police Department.

Country Guy (1:48)
Y'all listen to this, ya hear.

Clowns Suck (2:11)
This is what happens when clowns flip people off. They get songs written about them.

Pie (1:39)
Inspired by the episode "A Family Tree" from the 1984 PBS comedy series "Trying Times" which starred David Byrne and Rosanna Arquette.

Monkey Arms (4:22)
This one is about David T. Hume and his rip-off adventures.

Killer Squid (4:30)
Squidley Diddley goes mental.

Stupid Things (2:11)
Just a stupid song about stupid things with stupid lyrics and stupid music.

CBJ (3:01)

Clowns Suck (Live) (2:04) | Live Video Performance (77MB MPEG)
Live performance at Schorsch Village.

Cops Suck (Live) (2:52)
Live performance at Schorsch Village.

Pie (Live) (1:39)
Live performance at Schorsch Village. John had to piss so we played something. Wow it's the same length as the studio version.

Country Guy (Live) (2:17)
Live performance at Schorsch Village with extra lyrics.

The Chicken Dance (4:37)
The polka classic with sort of a surf/ska cluck.

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